Are We A Good Fit?

We likely share some views on important what type of person is a good fit when it comes to my coaching.

Let's start with the words we use...

You don't cuss or use vulgarity of any kind. Words matter and because you know this, you choose to use words intentionally. You acknowledge that not everyone feels the same and you don't force others to refrain from using vulgar language. You also reserve the right to avoid situations that mean spending a substantial amount of time with those who cuss and use vulgar words most of the time. You desire deep conversations with those who can speak without cussing.

Life Balance

You know that it is important to find balance for yourself, your eternal companion and your family members in this increasingly unbalanced world. You understand the importance of goal setting and the significance of including an outside party to hold you accountable for the things you've told yourself you're going to do. You make time for yourself and find peace in your purpose. You have a desire to serve others while still maintaining strong relationships at home. You are working on getting all of your priorities straight and know that goals are a great way to bring focus back to those priorities.

Fitness - Physical, Emotional, Mental

For you fitness is not about losing weight and exercising all day long. You've discovered that diets don't work, moderation is key, and there are no quick fixes for any health crisis. You desire to better understand the Word of Wisdom, taught by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and how to implement it into your life. You are aware that your emotional well-being and mindset are part of your fitness picture along with the types of foods you choose to eat. You give yourself permission to enjoy all foods because you know denying yourself any type of food eventually leads to binge eating. You eat what you want, when you want it and as much of it as is necessary to satisfy you. You know that as long as you naturally move more throughout your day, your body will respond with energy, strength, stamina, and flexibility.

Finances / Budgeting / Investing

You believe in living by a budget each and every month. You have a desire to be debt free and to stay that way. You see the pitfalls that lie ahead when one is deep in debt regardless of what type of debt it is. You understand that learning more about how to best manage your money is part of being self reliant. You also have a desire to invest for the future and plan for family fun each month.


Family is very important to you and you desire to have an eternal family. For you this means monthly - or perhaps weekly - family council meetings as well as eating dinner together as often as each person's schedule allows. Your family sets aside one night each week for a family strengthening and unifying activity.

Your relationship with your spouse is something you work on daily. Barring any "deal breaker" situations, you're dedicated to your marital relationship as though there is no competition and divorce isn't a thing. You and your sweetheart enjoy a weekly date night where you can communicate freely and share your personal hopes, dreams and desires with each other.

You know that raising your kids to be productive members of society is important and that raising them to be kind and loving humans matters too. You use all the tools available to you from the world, but mostly from your church - the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints - to teach your children principles that will serve them in the best way for the rest of their lives.

Your immediate family relationships are your primary focus which sometimes means saying "no" to activities with extended family members. You are not afraid to stand up to any family member or friend when it comes to the well-being of your spouse and children.

Field / Career / Calling

You know the importance of doing what you love. You are either searching for your true purpose in life or you know your purpose but have no idea how to make it happen or you're already doing what you love and are amazed that people pay you for doing it. You dream of a life where you truly love what you do and it provides all the income you need to pay the bills but to also invest for your future and enjoy life. You have a deep desire to never allow what you do to interfere with your family life.

Faith & Spirituality

You are a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and have been looking for a Life Coach who understands the way you worship and who will understand the religious vocabulary that is second nature to you. You find strength in starting your week by keeping the Sabbath Day holy. You start your day by reading scripture and listening to good music. You know you are a work in progress. 

Friends & Socializing

You are seeking deep conversation with like-minded people you can call friends. You long to have a list of people you can call in your darkest hour who will uplift you and bring you back to the beautiful-ness of life. You find joy in learning new things with your friends and teaching them about the things you enjoy.

Fun & Bucket List

You value fun and search for opportunities to "let your hair down" and enjoy life. You keep a list of things you'd like to do before you're too old to care. You want to include some type of fun in each and every day while worrying there isn't time for fun and the other "more important" things.


Yes, we need to explore this. You are neither a democrat nor a republican. Libertarian or independent don't ring true for you either. You prefer to refer to yourself as a Constitutionalist when anyone pushes the issue. You can easily see when something is unconstitutional and it drives you nuts that others in your circle can't see it too. You do not push your political beliefs on others and expect the same in return. Things are not black and white to you. You are capable of seeing, understanding, and respecting different opinions and perspectives on a variety of topics. You fully understand what it means to "agree to disagree" without ill feelings or malice.

Body Autonomy & Trauma Informed

You have a deep desire to be treated with respect. Having someone ask for permission before touching you is important to you. You are aware that there are some things routinely done during pregnancy and birth that you really don't want done to you. You are seeking support from others who are aware of this too and who hear you without belittling or demeaning you. You are seeking those who know and practice truly evidence based care. You have the desire to leave your prenatal appointments and the birth experience feeling strong and whole; knowing you are ready for the parenting road ahead.

Pregnancy & Birth

You understand the importance of prenatal nutrition and do all you can to provide your body with the best of all things, especially when you're pregnant. Your goal is neither "home birth or bust" nor "hospital is the only safe birth place" because you understand each pregnancy is different so you, intuitively navigating all your options each time, is important to you. You desire a birth team that is willing to be flexible and supportive of all your plans, especially the things they might not fully understand. Your dream birth support team is a collaborative group that may include an Obstetrician and Midwife working together for the benefit of you and your tiny human. You dream of working with someone who can walk you through your pregnancy and birth experience in a way that honors your unique situation and who will remind you of how  your religious beliefs impact your experience.

Emotional Healing & Mindset

You know how much your emotional state impacts your life overall as well as your mindset. You are open to learning and using a variety of modalities in order to achieve the best possible positive result for yourself. When pregnant, you understand how much your emotional state and mindset will impact your growing tiny human as well as how your tiny human feels about coming into the world. You are seeking ways to not only heal from past emotional wounds but to also support an ongoing healthy emotional state and mindset.

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