VISION: Every tiny human comes into the world humanely knowing they are wanted, loved, respected and safe with all other human beings.

MISSION: Inspiring expectant couples to listen, trust, and surrender to their inner wisdom. Encouraging families to live in balance using the Oola Lifestyle Framework as their foundation. Educating expectant couples to use emotional healing and mindset techniques that bring confidence to their decision making process. Supporting expectant couples as they take responsibility for the choices they make while navigating all their options to create the best possible outcome for their unique situation.

Once upon a time, all humans were born at home...

Then, a system of care was put into place that was supposed to "save" women from the pains of giving birth. At first, the only women using this new system were wealthy. In a short period of time, if the birthing woman didn't have money or private insurance, she was denied access to this new system. This new system began to play on the vanity of women and slowly, over time, more and more women chose to give birth inside this new system of care because it was sold to them as being better and safer than birthing at home alone or with a midwife. After all, only poor, uneducated women would hire a midwife and give birth at home.

Fast forward a little more than 100 years and we have less than 5% of women choosing to birth at home. Most who birth in the new system choose to do so because they believe it is their safest option. Sadly a high percentage of birthing women who experience the system share that doing so has left them feeling emotionally traumatized to varying degrees. When mom is having emotional challenges - regardless of how big or small - her children experience the same. This scenario does not end with a "healthy mother, healthy baby" outcome that so many couples are encouraged to set as their ultimate goal.

The new system put in place a little more than 100 years ago is not only found in a hospital setting. It is also now found in birth centers and a growing number of home birth midwives are bringing it into the birthing woman's home. With that said, I am not against the new system of care. It has some very important elements that will be needed by a very small percentage of birthing women. The trick is discovering how to best intermingle together the birthing options that will be best for each individual birthing woman's unique situation and desired outcome.

Since 2003, I've worked with pregnant, birthing, and breastfeeding women to discover how to best navigate all the birthing options available to women today to create the best possible outcome for each woman's unique situation. I do this by drawing from my own experiences and blending together life coaching, mental/emotional/positive mindset techniques, and my Embracing Birth: wholistic* childbirth education book and online curriculum created from my own personal experiences with pregnancy, birth and parenting as both a woman and birth insider.

We can no longer push all women to give birth in the new system. It's also not good to leave women feeling uneducated and ignorant because they may choose to birth in their homes. It is possible for each woman to create the perfect birth experience for herself without feeling guilt or shame for doing so.

Embracing Birth: wholistic childbirth education (a home study course)

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My personal pregnancy and birth experiences are as follows:

  • Babies one and two were born naturally in the hospital. 
  • Baby three was a complicated pregnancy that ended with a necessary induction with an epidural and born vaginally. 
  • Baby four was a chosen medicated birth and born vaginally. 
  • Baby five was a complicated pregnancy that ended with a natural birth in the hospital. 
  • Baby six was born naturally in the hospital. 
  • Baby seven was born at home. 
  • Baby eight was a complicated pregnancy that ended with a necessary induction that led to a natural birth in the hospital.

Would you like a birth insider to help you navigate all your options?

Would you like to know which questions to ask doctors, midwives, doulas and other birth professionals as you work to put together the best birth team for your unique situation?

Would you enjoy working with someone who fully understands the importance and purpose of prenatal nutrition?

Would you like to have a birth insider walking this journey of pregnancy, birth and life with you?

You see I'm a childbirth educator, birth doula, home birth midwife, and lactation consultant who's witnessed the good, the bad, and the ugly that those supporting pregnant and birthing women have to offer. I've worked with first time parents as well as those preparing to birth their 10th and everyone in between. I've learned techniques to support your emotional/mental well-being that can also be used to heal birth trauma.  Click the button below to schedule a complimentary no obligation private session or to see the course currently available.

*The "w" in wholistic is not a typo. My childbirth education course is designed to include the whole person as well as the whole family. I re-added the "w" to the word wholistic to remind us all that when we only focus on parts of the whole, we leave gaps and oftentimes create bigger issues for all involved.


I'm not sure if you remember, but last year on July 4th you were at the Chandler Hospital helping myself and my husband, Brandon, give birth to our son Joshua. I can't believe he's already a year old! Anyway, I just wanted to send you an email saying thank you so much for your childbirth classes and for all your help and support at the hospital.

Nicole & Brandon H.

Thank you so much for all the wisdom and knowledge you've shared with me over the past weeks! I truly felt I had an extra guardian angel in you and that helped to ease my anxieties going into the final stages of this pregnancy

Miriam A.

Your natural childbirth class helped me and my husband feel empowered during our son's birthing process. We were able to make educated decisions for ourselves and our son before, during, and after his birth. It also brought me and my husband closer together because your class helped us learn to labor as a team.

Tanya W.