You know you're doing what you were put on this earth to do. So, why does it feel like you have to choose between everyone and everything else in life and your passion? Explore the 7 key areas of life to discover how to create your very own Balanced Birthy Life. It starts with grabbing my Birthy Life Planner so you can start to Design Your Birthy Life right now.

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As a birth worker, such as Doula, Birthkeeper, or Midwife, you know you're doing what you were put on this earth to do. So, why does it feel like you have to choose between your health, finances, birth work, relationships, and well-being? Grab my Birthy Work/Life Balance Planner and explore the 7 key areas of life, which are Fitness, Finance, Family, Field (Career), Faith, Friends, and Fun. Within the pages of the Birthy Work/Life Balance Planner, you'll discover how to create your very own Birthy Work/Life Balance
Angie Taylor, Midwife & Life Coach

I started my birthy business venture in 2003. Over almost 2 decades, I have experienced the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to balancing my Birthy passion and life in general. My journey has included going on hiatus so I could explore the 7 key areas of life to discover how to create my very own Balanced Birthy Life. I'm glad I refused to believe I had to choose between my birthy life purpose AND my health, finances, relationships, and well-being. I'm excited to share that it is possible to live a Balanced Birthy Life! If you're ready to create your Balanced Birthy Life, you've come to the right place!

"Angie was the perfect person for me to work with as I started my journey into midwifery."

Laura Hamilton – Client

Balanced Birthy Life

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Birthy Business Advisor

Let's face it...the birthy life has its perks. It's also unlike every other business on the planet. Running a business is seldom part of any birthy educational curriculum. There are a variety of ways for you to run your birthy business and more business tools than you have time (or money) to evaluate. My Birthy Business Advisory Group is the perfect place to learn about how best to run your birthy business without creating debt.

Birthy Career Coaching

Are you balanced, happy and growing in your birthy career? Part of living a balanced, happy birthy life is doing work that inspires and delights you: you’re good at it, you’re needed, and you love everything about the time you spend doing it. If you’re not there yet in your Birthy worklife, I’d like to talk to you about ways to grow in your birthy career, have more fun, show up in a bigger way, and finally make the kind of income you dream of. 

Balanced Birthy Life Coaching

For far too many birth servants, the “dream birthy life” seems so far away, impossible, and something that, quite frankly, will never be attained. When life is chaotic, unhealthy, overburdened with debt, and filled with toxic relationships that are a constant source of stress, there’s simply no energy left to work on creating the Balanced Birthy Life you dream about. What could you achieve by focusing on YOUR Balanced Birthy Life?

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Improve your birthy career satisfaction

Discover exactly where you fit into the Birthy business world without compromising your personal values and principle. 


Discover exactly how to start or grow your Birthy business in a way that honors everything about who you are and the life you desire to live. 

create your balanced birthy life

Explore the 7 key areas of life to discover how to create the Balanced Birthy Life you dream about living. 


Change the way you view and use money forever when you discover how you feel and  interact with money. 

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